Spaces made Specific


TELL: a good concept tells a story
Every concept starts with a story. A story of the brand, a story of the space, the story of the client. To translate all these stories in a powerful concept, Spacific starts an intense dialog with the client.

A sharp story
This story can be seen, hear and feel in all the layers of the concept: in the spacious layer, but as well in the strategic, communicative and graphic layer. All the layers are necessary and only together they provide for a powerful and complete concept.

Starting a dialog with the client is for Spacific one of the most important steps in the design process and goes further then exchanges wishes, demands and the aesthetic side of the story. It is to question radically the wishes, motivation, the target group and the brand, in order to provide a good and substantive concept.

SEE: a good design has a clear signature
Spacific unravels the story and translate this into a design with a clear signature. Every space asks for a custom fit approach, only then the brand identity and the identity of space can fortify each other.

Custom fit
Spacific only delivers spacial concepts with a strong story, that fit to a specific space. Every space asks to imagine his spacious qualities, the brand and everything around. Spacific works with a wide focus and does not just concentrate on one aspect of the design. Perfection and control in the design is were it’s all about, but the final result and the feel are even as important.

Brand identity and identity of space fortify each other
The custom fit approach ascertains that Spacific will be able to connect the brand identity with the identity of the space. Resulting in the right visual language, use of color and material, whereby the final spacial design will tell the story forcefully. Also the appearance and the connection between the other layers of design will establish a strong identity of brand and space and give the space his specific character and signature.


FEEL: a good space attracts interest and captivates
In the end everything is about how people experience the space. Spacific designs spaces where people get captivated, want to stay and feel connected with the brand identity, consciously or not.

Space that stimulate
The final design tells a story, has a strong signature and stimulate the senses. It invites to get engaged into the experience of the brand. The space does not just have to feel good, it has to feel right.

Space that works
During the design proces Spacific also incorporates non-esthetic aspects. Such as the logistic of flows of visitors or the integration of third-parties (catering and hospitality services). Also multimedia, smell, sound and lighting are aspects Spacific takes care for because they determine the feeling and experience of the whole space. From entry to exit

COOPERATE: a strong spacious concept exists in good cooperation
Spacific attaches as much importance in cooperating with other companies as in cooperating with the client. If the design asks for it, Spacific does not hold back to ask for advice to one of his partners.

During the complete section from story (tell) to design of the physical space (see) to the experience of the emotions this space evokes (feel) the dialog with the client stays priority. Spacific continues this dialog during the entire process and is monitoring the overall concept.

Spacific designs the spacial concept but engages, if necessary, other disciplines in the process (for example graphic design) In years Spacific built a wide network of partners and is capable to execute complex and diverse projects.


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