The main purpose of the booth of DSM Engineering Plastics at the K2013 was to strengthen and/or expand the existing relationship with the clients of DSM. Partly for this reason an interactive game was designed. The choice was made to put the wall with the game-screen on a central place in the booth, so it will be visible from the ground floor up to the first floor, for a good experience through the whole booth.
On the ground floor there’s the reception, a bar and multimedia-units. The first floor is the area for more confidential meetings and conversations with a second bar and tables.
Due to the fact that the corporate identity of DSM was just released, the shapes, materials and colors of the booth are based on the new identity.

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Download the game: Apple of Android

Client: DSM Engineering Plastics
Project: Stand K2013
Year: 2013
Location: Düsseldorf